Sometimes you have to go over the rainbow to find out what is truly important to you.

Welcome to Over the Rainbow Again, a blog about a 30-something, newly-single mom trying to figure life out.  

My name is Andrea.  I recently separated from my husband after a 10 year relationship and moved to Northwest Arkansas, which appears to be an oasis of culture, peace, and welcoming friends.  I have two beautiful daughters, ages 5 and 1, who remain at the center of my heart and entertain me with their antics.  I am currently in love with a gypsy musician who travels constantly, sharing her music, inspiration, wisdom, and the beautiful light of her soul with the world.  I am employed full-time, but I will not be discussing much of that kind of work here.

The content of these posts will vary often, because that is how my brain works.  As the proverbial faerychild, I am interested in many different things, such as crafts, music, reading, writing, and fun exercise activities like hooping or spinning poi.  My goal is to be a healthy, happy human being, thus I am constantly working on processing life and my experiences.  Feel free to comment on posts, and include a link to your blog if you have one!

I hope you enjoy reading!

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